Hollomon Price Foundation accepts grant requests by invitation only

2014 HPF Grants

  • Natural Resource Defense Council  (NRDC) - $150,000.00 - The funds are being granted to continue supporting NRDC’s efforts related to the “Cloud of Commitments” that arose out of the 2012 Rio+20 Conference. Specifically, funds will be used to continue to maintain and improve the Cloud of Commitments website; to engage in advocacy at the United Nations, with emphasis on the 2014 Climate Summit in New York City: NRDC and the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University will host a workshop in April 2014 to design a global registry of the actions and commitments that cities, companies, civil society groups, and other actors are taking to mitigate climate change.
  • Ocean Conservancy - $150,000.00 - The funds are being granted to continue supporting the OC’s work in addressing and reducing ocean trash. Specifically, funds will be used hire a dedicated staff person who will coordinate and work to accomplish the goals and ideas that came out of the Trash Free Seas Alliance meeting held in 2013; and in supporting essential planning and coordination of activities related to the annual International Coastal Cleanup.
  • Ocean Conservancy  (Tad Hollomon and Nancy Bellett) - $51,000.00 - The funds are being granted to help leverage funds totaling $150,000 from other Foundations in support of this project. Specifically, the funds will assist with synthesizing data for presentations and publications and to share the findings across the network of sea turtle conservation groups; replicate the project with select sea turtle groups in the SE US, Gulf of Mexico, and Texas; establish the standardized data collection and analysis method needed to draw conclusions to help protect sea turtles, including creating a mobile application (app) for use by nesting turtle volunteers to better facilitate data collection.
  • Texas Conservation Alliance  (John Bauer) - $25,000.00 - The funds are being granted to assist with continuing past initiatives to save the Neches River; promoting state paddling trails; establishing a “friends group” for the National Wildlife Refuge; developing a water quality monitoring team; and a campaign to remote municipal water recycling in place of building reservoirs.
  • Dallas Arboretum  (John Bauer) - $10,000.00 - The funds are being granted to help underwrite the cost of the Arboretum’s children’s science educational programs. The program strives to educate children about earth and life sciences, as well as conservation.
  • Nature and Culture International  (Gloria Arrechi) - $25,000.00 - The funds are being granted to help conserve 25,000 acres of Ecuadorian Choco’s high elevation paramos and cloud forest ecosystems surrounding the Angel Ecological Reserve and the Golondrinas Protected Forest.
  • Great Whale Conservancy  (Ann Edwards) - $38,000.00 - The funds are being granted to continue funding public education and advocacy efforts at creating pressure needed to convince the shipping industry to voluntarily adjust their traffic lanes and avoid critical Blue Whale feeding ground. The funds will also assist in developing educational programs to help inspire tomorrow’s advocates.
  • Catskill Mountain Keeper  (Nancy Bellett) - $25,000.00 - The funds are being granted to support work addressing “fracking” and its harm on the environment. Specifically, the funds will help fulfill the organization’s objectives on initiatives with important national implications – expanding the Community Fracking Defense Project into target states where the assistance is needed most. Funding will also help support the expenses associated with retaining an experienced organizer in California to help foster collaboration between the Governors of California and New York on fracking policy that would have national influence.
  • Friends of Government Canyon  (Mike Casey) - $5,000.00 - The funds are being granted to support volunteer support for educational and recreational programming at this State natural Area that is northwest of San Antonio. The group promotes resource conservation and preservation through low-impact enjoyment of the natural environment.
  • San Antonio River Foundation  (Mike Casey) - $33,000.00 - Funds are being granted to continue the development of Confluence Park, which is currently a vacant lot that will be converted to a riverfront park that will include a learning center, as well as easy access to outdoor recreation that is otherwise not available in that lower income urban area.
  • Scenic Hudson  (Jack Murray) - $28,000.00 - Funds are being granted to retain the services of the Corporate Action Network to significantly boost the public mobilization against LG’s high-rise proposal (LG Electronics is planning to erect a high-rise tower on the Hudson River Palisades). Specifically, CAN will assist the Palisades Protection Campaign by leading efforts to build a set of questions to guide fact-finding research; create a strategic plan to increase pressure on LG; organize allied efforts; etc.
  • Monarch Watch  (Jack Murray) - $10,000.00 - Funds are being granted to increase the availability of milkweed for Monarchs in the United States by planting it at participating schools, businesses, private residences, and roadsides. This grant will plant approximately 5,000 milkweed plants.
  • Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program  (Bob Werner) - $25,000.00 - The funds are being granted to permit and install a solar powered water well at the CBBEP Nueces Delta Preserve. The components of the project will include well site preparation, water well permitting, installation, running of a flow line, fencing, and solar panels.
  • Operation Migration  (Rita Braeutigam) - $25,000.00 - Funds are being granted to support the organization’s efforts in their work of restoring the whooping crane population. The funds will be used specifically for updating and improving their website; summer field expenses; and replacement radios that are used by pilots during the southward migration.
  • Wildlife Conservation Network  (Wayne Bellett) - $38,000.00 - Funds are being granted to support the organization’s ongoing, aggressive public outreach campaign in China to build awareness regarding the origin and destructive impact of ivory products. The organization will enlist the efforts of well respected celebrities, such as Yao Ming, Prince William, and Li Bing Bing.
  • Animal LUV $10,000.00 - A $10,000 grant is being made to AnimalLuv Animal Shelter in memory of Mike Deppe, a Founding HPF Board Member who passed away in 2013.