Hollomon Price Foundation accepts grant requests by invitation only

2017 HPF Grants

  • Natural Resource Defense Council  (NRDC) - $150,000.00
    The funds are being granted to assist NRDC in leading the environmental community’s efforts to promote a strong and effective treaty regulating the high seas through the United Nations. After years of discussion, countries began developing a new treaty for the conservation and management of the high seas (roughly 2/3’s of the ocean) marine biodiversity in March 2016. These negotiations provide a unique opportunity to overhaul how we manage human activity in an area that covers nearly half the planet.
  • Bat Conservation International  (Nancy Bellett, Gloria Arecchi) - $30,000.00
    The funds are being granted to assist in developing a “master plan” for the newly acquired/protected land (almost 3500 acres) to help sustainable increase access for visitors. The master plan will assist BCI in laying out the steps to create a recreation/educational destination, a field research station, and a wild space with minimally invasive infrastructure. In short, it’s the first step in moving toward utilizing the newly acquired land in ways that are protective of the bats and welcoming to visitors.
  • San Antonio Botanical Gardens  (Michael Casey) - $15,000.00
    The funds are being granted to help finalize the Botanical Gardens 8 acre expansion. The expansion plan includes: LEED certification; sustainable park design; a learning resource center; a sustainable building design that will be educational to the public; a new welcome center; a culinary garden, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor classroom pavilion; a family adventure garden; and a parking garden. Completion for the project is set for May 2017.
  • Wildlife Conservation Network  (Wayne Bellett) - $25,000.00
    Funds are being granted to support Grevy’s Zebra Trust, a program in northern Kenya which employees indigenous men and women from 7 different pastoral communities to monitor Grevy’s Zebra and also work to educate locals to respect and value these Zebras and wildlife in general. Funds will also be used to provide supplemental food to the 2,350 Grevy’s Zebras that remain (their numbers have been reduced by 80% over the past 40 years and they are now classified as endangered) – to offset lack of food created by an extreme draught situation.
  • Client Earth  (Jack Murray) - $17,000.00
    Funds are being granted to assist with staffing in this European environmental organization that opened an office in New York recently. ClientEarth’s work in the US will be to coordinate US environmental groups to ensure that US commitments to reduced green-house emissions are preserved.
  • Tejon Ranch Conservancy  (Jack Murray) - $6,500.00
    Funds are being granted to assist with planning for the organization’s future growth for the conservation, access, and education work to come – specially for hiring an outside consulting firm (Solid Ground Consulting) to work with Trustees, staff, and outside stakeholders on creating a long term strategic plan for the Conservancy. The organization’s mission is to preserve, enhance, and restore the native biodiversity and ecosystem values of Tejon Ranch and Tehachapi Range in Southern California.
  • Tree People  (Jack Murray) - $6,500.00
    Funds are being granted to assist with developing/expanding the Smarter/Greener School Project: giving teachers action based teaching tools; engaging students by creating increased campus green spaces; creating green school spaces and programs that bring together the entire school community, including parents; and targeting schools receiving Title 1 support (poor schools). The mission of the organization is to inspire, engage, and support the people of Los Angeles to take responsibility for the urban environment – making it greener.
  • World Resources Institute  (Jacob Scherr) - $15,000.00
    Funds are being granted to assist WRI with supporting further development of the architecture for Global Climate Action that facilitates more functional and efficient structures for cities, states, corporations, citizens groups to take climate action in coordination with national governments and set up 2018 as a year to increase ambitions. WRI is a global research organization that spans more than 50 countries with a focus on sustaining the earth’s natural resources.
  • World Wildlife Fund  (Jacob Scherr) - $15,000.00
    Funds are being granted to assist WWF with their ongoing efforts to provide critical advice and convene critical dialogs to advance the agenda for climate action. WWF’s mission is to conserve nature and to reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.
  • The Bee Cause  (Blake Werner) - $25,000.00
    Funds are being granted to assist in the building of honey bee hives at 10 different elementary schools throughout the country. Additional resources will be used to maintain current hives, increase community education efforts and outreach programs. The Bee Cause’s mission is to increase awareness about the importance of conserving and protecting honey bees.
  • Yellowstone Forever  (John Bauer) - $10,000.00
    The funds are being granted to support Yellowstone wolf research and monitoring. Wolf biologists will capture and collar, gather genetic samples for testing and lab analysis, conduct field studies on predation and pup survival, and log numerous aerial monitoring flights. Yellowstone Forever connects people to Yellowstone National Park through outstanding visitor experiences and educational programs – and translates these experiences into lifelong support and philanthropic investment to conserve the park for the future.
  • Dallas Arboretum  (John Bauer) - $15,000.00
    The funds are being granted to assist with the cost of expanding science education in the children’s garden. Specifically increasing access for at-risk children – with the aim of increasing their understanding, enriching their lives, having them think about future opportunities, and teaching them about environmental sustainability.
  • Nature and Culture International  (Gloria Arecchi) - $10,000.00
    The funds are being granted to assist with the continued expansion of protected forests and ecosystems in Columbia. Since 2015, NCI has supported Columbia’s regional environmental authorities in successfully establishing approximately 190,000 acres of protected areas, with another 500,000 acres in progress.
  • Rainforest Partnership  (Nancy and John Bellett) - $10,000.00
    The funds are being granted to assist the Peruvian cloudforest communities of San Antonio and Calabaza with the development of ecotourism – which allows them to have a sustainable income while protecting and conserving their natural resources. Specifically the funds will be used to help establish a butterfly sanctuary that will function as a conservatory and promote the breeding of endemic and local butterfly species affected by illegal poaching over the past 10 years.