Hollomon Price Foundation accepts grant requests by invitation only

2016 HPF Grants

  • Natural Resource Defense Council  (NRDC) - $150,000.00
    The funds are being granted to continue supporting NRDC’s efforts related to the “Climate Groundswell Initiative” that arose out of the Paris COP21 Conference. Specifically, funds will be used to: advocate with the governments of France, Morocco, the United States, and other stakeholders for implementation of commitments in the Action Agenda and strengthening its overall structure. This grant will also support NRDC’s intensifying of civil society analysis, advocacy, and communication of transformative climate initiatives under the Action Agenda. This will be the final year that this project is supported by HPF.
  • Earth Vision Institute 
    (Nancy Bellett $35,000; John Bellett $5,000; Bob Werner $5,000; and Wayne Bellett $5,000)
    - $50,000.00

    The funds are being granted to complete “Phase 2” of completing a film (tentatively called “Chasing Fire”) by nature photographer James Balog. James’ previous film, “Chasing Ice” time-lapse photographed melting glaciers caused by climate change. The film was nominated for an Academy Award and was seen by millions of people worldwide – which was immeasurable in terms of the value it had in educating large numbers of people about climate change in ways that are scientific based, visual, and presented in easy to understand terms. The funds will be specifically used to finalize a title for the film; hire a screenwriter and editor; identify director candidates; identify what additional footage needs to be shot; develop investor and donor contacts; approach funding and distribution contacts; and organize personnel and locations for filming. Anticipated release date of early 2018.
  • San Antonio Botanical Gardens (Gloria Arecchi and Michael Casey) - $70,000.00
    The funds are being granted to help expand the Botanical Gardens by 8 acres. The expansion plan includes: LEED certification; sustainable park design; a learning resource center; a sustainable building design that will be educational to the public; a new welcome center; a culinary garden, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor classroom pavilion; a family adventure garden; and a parking garden.
  • Wildlife Conservation Network  (Wayne Bellett) - $30,000.00
    Funds are being granted to support community workshops focused on human/bear interactions, youth programs, and PBI’s “Save Our Sea Ice” campaign. The “Save Our Sea Ice” campaign educates people about challenges that polar bears face in a warming Arctic habitat and how each person can play a part in stopping climate change.
  • Reticulated Giraffe Project (Ann Edwards) - $25,000.00
    The funds are being granted to assist with the conservation of these animals in Africa, in the wild. Specifically, the grant is being made to assist with developing a population database; community monitoring; developing partnerships within specific regions, counties, and private lands; developing trauma-free telemetry; installing and utilizing solar power in regards to better monitoring in remote areas; developing community service messages on conservation clothing, etc. for native peoples.
  • Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters (Ann Edwards) - $10,000.00
    The funds are being granted to assist with a campaign in Alaska to obtain an “Outstanding National Resource Water – ONRW” designation for the Chilkat River. This designation will protect the area, native wildlife, and it’s native people from exploitation by a Canadian company that is planning to mine for copper, gold, and silver within this fragile ecosystem.
  • Coalition for La Bajada Mesa (John Bellett) - $15,000.00
    The funds are being granted to assist with protecting and preserving La Bajada Mesa and its escarpment as a National Monument. This is an area of 128,000 acres located between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico – there is currently a threat from both mining and residential development interests.
  • World Animal Protection (John Bellett) - $15,000.00
    Funds are being granted to assist Marine Mammals of Maine with developing a temporary triage center to treat and rehabilitate injured marine mammals and release them back into the wild, while they work long-term to raise funds for a permanent facility. The only marine mammal rehabilitation center located in Maine (at the University of Maine) closed last year.
  • Rainforest Alliance (Jack Murray) - $20,000.00
    Funds are being granted to help establish and improve the performance of community forest enterprise to help local communities achieve economic security without devastating the rainforests. The funds will be used specifically for: helping to create a supportive legal and institutional environment; building solid social foundations and enterprise administration capacities; establishing links to responsible markets; and helping local communities access finance tailored to local needs.
  • American Council On Renewable Energy (Jack Murray) - $15,000.00
    Funds are being granted to assist with its national defense and security initiative, which seeks to demonstrate the contribution that renewable energy can make to national security and facilitate greater renewable penetration by bringing together renewable industry leaders and senior military officials to examine the challenges and opportunities associated with greater military use of renewable energy.
  • Green Sports Alliance (Jacob Scherr) - $15,000.00
    Funds are being granted to assist the Green Sports Alliance Mascots Forever campaign in creating a Forever Fund – a major new source of funding for on the ground species preservation work and in helping to create a new platform to promote mass-audience outreach anchored in the visibility provided by the sports industry and focused on species preservation.
  • Waterkeeper Alliance  (Jacob Scherr) - $20,000.00
    Funds are being granted to help in training local organizations on how to properly conduct water quality testing and water quantity analysis; assisting local groups with establishing coal water pollution monitoring plans; engaging in targeted community campaigns to address the impacts of existing and proposed coal facilities; and providing direct technical support to partners in countries outside of the US to strengthen and enhance their campaigning and coalition-building efforts and to help launch new Waterkeepers who will continue this work over the long-term.
  • Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program (Bob Werner) - $30,000.00
    The funds are being granted to continue and expand CBBEP efforts to improve nesting success of water birds on the South Texas coast. The funds will be specifically used for improvements in habitat management, plantings, predator control, and public outreach/education.
  • Elephant Aid International  (Rita Braeutigam) - $35,000.00
    Funds are being granted to assist in constructing chain free corrals for captive elephants in Asia, specifically heavy duty steel pipe reinforced corrals for male elephants. Specifically, the funds will help pay for materials and labor to construct a 4 acre steel pipe enclosure in a heavily forested area of Chitwan National Park, Nepal.
  • Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation (Blake Werner) - $30,000.00
    Funds are being granted to make improvements on their environmental education center; transportation costs/purchasing a motorbike; the purchasing of field equipment for improved monitoring; and community environmental education.
  • Texas Conservation Alliance  (John Bauer) - $10,000.00
    The funds are being granted to help address new threats to East Texas rivers. The funds will specifically be used to help promote sensible alternatives to reservoirs, such as municipal water recycling; to organize coalitions to protect the rivers against specific threats; top with state and federal agencies; etc.