Hollomon Price Foundation accepts grant requests by invitation only

2018 HPF Grants

  • Natural Resource Defense Council  (NRDC) - $150,000.00
    The funds are being granted to continue to assist NRDC in leading the environmental community’s efforts to promote a strong and effective treaty regulating the high seas through the United Nations (next phase). There are two scheduled negation sessions at the UN and NRDC will engage in intense advocacy before, during and after (follow-up) those sessions. NRDC will also participate in scientific and advocacy efforts related to building protections for the Arctic. Lisa Speers will present an in-depth proposal at our meeting.
  • George W Bush Presidential Center - 100,000.00 ($75,000 HPF second large project/John Bellett $15,000, Gloria Arecchi $10,000)
    The funds are being granted to assist (10%) with the creation of a permanent “Protecting the Environment” exhibit at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The exhibit will be located near the entrance of the facility and will focus on President Bush’s work to conserve the oceans, as well as a broader message of the importance of environmental conservation. The center has approximately 250,000 visitors annually.
  • EPIcenter (Energy/Partnerships/Innovation) - $30,000.00 (Rita Braeutigam)
    The funds are being granted to help support EPIcenter’s early growth., affirm the environmental impact of its mission, and help establish EPIcenter as a leader in new local energy innovation. EPIcenter was launched in 2015 to create a new energy innovation center in San Antonio’s Mission Reach area. The center combines a think tank, incubator, fabrication laboratory, exhibit space as well as a conference center. Specifically, the funds will underpin EPIcenter’s strategic plan to produce at least one conference, launch its start up business incubator, build strategic national and international partnerships, more deeply engage its Power Network and Neighbors programs, and cement its position as a new energy innovation hub.
  • Wildlife Conservation Network  (Wayne Bellett) - $25,000.00
    Funds ($20,000) are being granted to support the Niassa Lion Project in Mozambique. The Niassa Reserve is important in conserving and protecting the remaining lions (800-1000). The funds will be used for research to establish population baselines, better understand and address threats, and then find and test locally based solutions for each threat. $5,000 is being requested to conserve and protect Peru’s Spectacled Bear population (5000 remaining), which is under threat from extreme weather fluctuations due to climate change. The grant will specifically be used to replace monitoring equipment that was lost in the 2017 floods.
  • League of Conservation Voters Education Fund - $20,000.00 (Jack Murray)
    Funds are being granted to assist with coordination, education, and growth of LCVEF's work in Washington, D.C., and across the nation with our 29 state leagues, to create a politically and racial diverse movement ready to stand up for our public lands. Specifically, the funds will be used for increasing social media & online advertisement, earned media, conservation voter movement and engagement.
  • The Earth Institute Columbia University - $10,000.00 (Jack Murray)
    Funds are being granted to assist with the funding of a Distinguished Lecture Series featuring Earth Institute climate change and environmental experts. The purpose of the lecture series will be to convey the innovative and leading research conducted by The Earth Institute’s world-renowned scientists and researchers. The Earth Institute scientists seek answers to questions about the fundamentals of the earth’s systems and life they sustain: climate and geology, oceans and atmosphere, food, water, public health, energy, natural hazards, and ecosystems. The Earth Institute will use the $10,000 grant to subsidize four presentations on the latest scientific developments related to the environment.
  • World Resources Institute - $12,250.00 (Jacob Scherr)
    Funds are being granted to assist WRI with The Earth Institute will use the $10,000 grant to subsidize four presentations on the latest scientific developments related to the environment. Specifically, the funds will be used to promote 2018 as the year to “Step Up on Climate, to create opportunities for climate action in key transformational sectors, and the critical role of subnational governments and the private sector, will be identified and mobilized through the Paris Agreement process in 2018, and to create enhanced transparency and assessment of cooperative action by non-state actors, such as cities, states and businesses.
  • World Wildlife Fund - $12,250.00 (Jacob Scherr)
    Funds are being granted to assist WWF with egaging non-State actors globally and domestically in support of accelerated climate action through the following activities: drive additional action and joint messaging from U.S. subnational and non-state actors for the Global Climate Action Summit and COP24, develop national alliances for climate action with non-state actors in additional countries, support the design of the Global Climate Action Summit and implementation of key actions under the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action. Support from the Hollomon Price Foundation will be used to coordinate efforts among WWF-US, led by Mariana Panuncio-Feldman, and WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Practice, led by Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, and other key offices across WWF’s global network.
  • SEE Turtles - $30,000.00 (Blake Werner)
    Funds are being granted to assist protecting and conserving Hawksbill sea turtles in Nicaragua, Columbia, Cuba, and Costa Rica. The funding will specifically be used to expand SEE Turtles “Too Rare to Wear” campaign in those countries, including outreach to the travel industry and tourists, supporting local efforts to end the turtle shell trade, launch the “Turtle Safe Souvenir Shops” program, dive industry outreach, and expand too rare to wear to Asian hotspots.
  • Yellowstone Forever - $45,000.00 (John Bauer $15,000/Ann Edwards $30,000)
    The funds are being granted to continue the support of Yellowstone wolf research and monitoring. Wolf biologists will capture and collar, gather genetic samples for testing and lab analysis, conduct field studies on predation and pup survival, and log numerous aerial monitoring flights. One aspect of the project is to study and ultimately get control of mange (Sarcoptes scabiei) that is affecting the Yellowstone wolf population.
  • Dallas Arboretum - $15,000.00 (John Bauer)
    The funds are being granted to continue assisting with the cost of science education in the children’s garden. Specifically increasing access for at-risk children – with the aim of increasing their understanding, enriching their lives, having them think about future opportunities, and teaching them about environmental sustainability.
  • San Antonio Bay Partnership - $15,000.00 (Gloria Arecchi)
    The funds are being granted to assist with the repairs to and enhancements of the freshwater wells that provide water to the last wild migrating flock of endangered Whooping Cranes that winters along the middle Texas coast (Aransas Wildlife Refuge) – the area that was significantly damaged by Hurricane Harvey.
  • Earth Vision Institute - $50,000.00 (Nancy Bellett $30,000/Jacob $5,000/John Bellett $5,000/Wayne Bellett $5,000/Gloria Arecchi $5,000)
    The funds are being granted to assist with completing the film by James Balog “The Human Element”. Specifically, the funds are being used to finish the original score, graphics and animation, color correction and mastering, and the sound mix. The film has been completed and is awaiting opportunities for distribution. HPF is screening the film the Thursday night before our meeting in San Antonio.
  • Friends of Government Canyon - $30,000.00 (Mike Casey)
    The funds are being granted to continue assistance with a 370 acre savannah restoration project to restore the land back to its native grassland condition. This grant will assist with next phase of the project. A full report as to the progress made in 2017 will be presented at the meeting. This grant builds on that work.
  • Last Chance Forever - $30,000.00
    The funds are being granted to the general operating budget for medicines, surgical care, physical therapy, transportation of injured animals and some of the costs involved in the intense rehabilitative care of raptors. The displacement of these expenses means that your funding will aid in re-furbishing multiple raptor housing units that are 17 years old and erect five housing facilities for eagles.
  • Natural Resource Defense Council  (NRDC) : Amur Tigers China - $30,000.00 (Tad Hollomon)
    The funds are being granted to assist NRDC with developing policies to structure and administer the national park system (created by the Chinese government) to ensure harmony between humans and nature in the protected area (3,607,660 acres). The focus of the effort is to protect and conserve the remaining Amur (Siberian) Tigers and Leopards. Specifically, NRDC has been asked by the Chinese government to: 1) contribute to the establishment of best practices for reducing human conflicts with the big Amur cats; and, 2) develop options to ensure the economic health of communities living within the proposed park boundaries.